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About Us
Founded by Mr. Subhash S. Sharma in the year 2000, Shree Balaji Travels is headquartered in Vapi & Sikar. We provide premium transportation service to Gujarat, Rajasthan,Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh & Andhra Pradesh. Our luxury , world class amenities and services. With online reservation we provide advance booking facilities in our Buses. The hospitality and versatility that we showcase in all our functional areas has made us one of the leading tours & travels companies in India. Every year, we serve millions of travelers. Smiles on their faces are the greatest reward we have ever got.

Shree Balaji Travels is a pioneer in the online bus reservation in India which utilizes the advantages of the internet to provide our clients with the best in bus transportation services from the comforts of their homes and offices. Shree Balaji Travels provides real-time Internet quotations and real-time bus booking services to direct customers, agents and tour operator partners.The idea for Shree Balaji Travels has stemmed from the need for simple travel solutions. Buses are the most commonly used form of travel in India, be it within a city or intra-city. In fact, buses are sometimes the only form of transportation available to reach the remote parts of India. However, reserving a seat on a bus is one of the most tedious processes. Serpentine queues and heated arguments with staff at reservation counters has been the scene at most Indian bus stations.

Shree Balaji Travels aims to transform this scene to the one of reserving bus seats from the luxury of ones homes. As the pioneering online bus reservation company, Shree Balaji Travels aims to provide our customers with a wide range of services unsurpassed by any competitor in this industry. We are geared to become the top seller among online travel companies for all the major bus transportation providers in India.As a company, Shree Balaji Travels believes in engineering win-win relationships with our partners in order to guarantee ongoing benefits to our customers. The very nature of our reservation systems demands that they are not only the best today, but can remain the best for years to come without the need for disruptive ongoing development. With our systems, we are sure we would be able to provide uninterrupted service to our customers and partners Here's to making bus travel more fun even before you get into one!!

More Comfort:
- Less Vibration
- Less noise
- High quality suspension
- Comfortable seating arrangement
- Ample space for luggage
- Overhead compartments for Cabin bag
- Convenient pickup and dropping points
- Convenient halts to ensure that hygene and quality food during their journey

ow are we different?
Greater convenience :- 
Convenient ticket booking facility in Shree Balaji Travel offices
- Multiple telephone lines for ticket enquiries
- Professionally managed staff
- Convenient office locations

Well maintained buses: - Shree Balaji Travel is having well equipped, full fledge service station in Vapi ,Sikar,Ajmer.
- Regular and preventive maintenance is schedulded and rigorously monitored to ensure condition of the Shree Balaji Travel buses
- Customer’s convenience,Valuable time, and safety are the key priorities of the Shree Balaji Travel ,Vapi.